Anne Claire Schroeder-Rose

Law firm, Legal Consulting, Business Mediator, Law Academy

Anne Claire Schroeder-Rose

Law firm, Legal Consulting, Business Mediator, Law Academy

Legal support in both national and worldwide environments

Legal Consulting for internationally operating SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) from industry and commerce based in Germany and abroad in German and English.
Risk assessment and negotiation skills determine a good deal. Ensuring pragmatic and result-oriented execution through many years of experience as head of legal and commercial order processing, specialist lawyer for labor law and trainer for legal training.


  • German labor law for your employees as eg sales representatives in Germany
  • External Legal Department experienced as contract manager internationally and focused on your business needs
  • Solution oriented Communication with your Customer about Contracts and Claims
  • Legal Empowerment of your Managers with trainings and workshops


Welcome to my special offer for global players and SMEs:

  • Contract review, contract drafting and contract negotiation

  • Negotiation of claims and outstanding receivables

  • Trainings for your staff, specialists and executives

  • Legal training and coaching for your personnel

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Anne Claire Schroeder-Rose


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Your benefit

  • Practical solutions
  • Risk minimization, cost control, role sharing
  • Professional negotiation in German and English
  • Many years of international experience
  • Mediation in disputes
  • Training and individual legal coaching for specialists and executives

Benefit from my many years of experience as Head of Legal & Commercial

  • in machine and plant engineering as well as the software industry
  • worldwide experience in negotiating contracts and claims successfully in China, India, Korea, Northern and Eastern Europe and of course Germany
  • and trainer in contract law