For several years, I have been teaching professionals, CEOs and employees in a broad variety of legal subjects.

My classes took place all over the world, both in a business environment as well as in academic function (IHK, University / College, university of applied sciences). I have been teaching in Brazil, China, India, Singapore, the UK.

Also, I held workshops training people to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. That way, the participants were enabled to argue in real-life situations and to realize claims on a new level and with greater efficiency.

Please find below a comprehensive list of the most popular trainings I am currently offering. For other legal areas, special or advanced training sessions can be arranged – please don´t hesitate to email your individual request.

  • How to read a contract – analysing risks
  • How to negotiate a contract
  • How to get your money
  • Effective Claim Management
  • Legal Sales and Purchase trainings
  • Language

    Trainings will be held in German or English, according to your specifications. Special vocabulary training in German legal terms.

  • Location

    Location can be, according to your choice, any Conference Hotel; also, I offer inhouse trainings at our clients´ sites as well as remote trainings (video conferences).

  • Adapting to your needs

    I specialize in very detailed content and organisation of the entire training, adhering to your special needs and wishes.

    Please contact me for more information.

Content of my courses and workshops

  • Better understanding of legal and economic risks
  • Negotiating on an international level
  • Intercultural competence and negotiating skills
  • Formulating your position and confidently presenting your interests
  • Better understanding of your negotiating partner
  • Confident mastery of negotiating situations

This is how you benefit from my trainings

  • Risk minimisation
  • Cost control
  • Division of roles
  • Strengthening the customer-supplier relationship

My Trainings