A cost-effective way to avoid expensive legal costs is mediation. Being fully trained in this field, with main focus on business mediation, I offer an array of tried-and-tested solutions.

What Is Economic or Business Mediation?

The main question is, obviously: how to solve any issue in a friendly and fair manner? – Mediation is the answer. If you are heading for trial, you are heading for a cost explosion and a situation, where everybody loses (lose-lose situation).

What may be lost is usually a long-term customer relationship. All that is gained is a bad rep, loss of time and productivity, sometimes bitter grudges on all sides.

Mediation techniques may help to settle bitter negotiations. An experienced business mediator will help moderate the discussion and throw light on ways of solving things even if it originally seemed hopeless.

That way, conflicts may be solved within single days, instead of legal proceedings which may take months or even years. Business mediation, thus, is a most cost-effective asset in your toolkit of methods.

As a seasoned professional in this field, I use both my legal expertise and years of practical, hands-on experience to mitigate costs, calm the situation and open the knot that is usually tied by – well-justified – frustrations on all sides.

Commercial conflict is about commerce – but it takes a neutral outsider to help all sides to re-focus on that fact and to find a satisfyingly effective way out. In short, building consensus is my main work as business mediator.

Fields of Mediation

Working Relation

  • Employee -/ Employee
  • Employee/employer
  • Customer/supplier

Negotiation Management

  • Claim Management
  • Receivables management
  • contract negotiations

Management Consulting

  • succession planning
  • Shareholder Relationship